Spirituality Week : )

June 15, 2017

During school, we have all been learning about how we can be spiritual and why spirituality week is important to us. We have been doing stations with the year 5 to help us. But first Mr Curry explained what spiritually is. It is being closer to God and being calm. My favorite station was the pebbles. We were making pebbles warmer like God makes us. When we dropped the pebbles the bubbles reminded us of God’s love for us.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for making me a wonderful world including my family and all my friends and for blessing our world please look after people in need. Please also look after children in third world countries who are less fortunate than me. And I am very thankful for schools, teachers, and the whole earth and mostly thankful for having Jesus.

 Help us to always remember to say a big thank you to you for the wonderful world you have made and for all the things you have given us. For the beautiful sun, the rain(to make things grow), sea and the sky,  flowers and birds and for all the wild creatures in the garden and especially for giving me a supportive family, beautiful friends and kids teachers.


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